Take Away Messages from the 1st Policy Learning Workshop

  • Our transformative outlooks should rely among others on the reflection and validation through such types of workshops that enlightens different aspects of RRI logic.
  • In this respect, transformative outlook is considered a continuous process that promotes reflection at every stage between stakeholders and within societal groups.
  • Innovation should address not only productivity gap but also societal challenges. In this view, regions could function as innovation mobilisers
  • Co-creation processes are necessary if we want to deliver institutional changes and enable policy makers towards responsible research and innovation strategies and practices.
  • There is need for an agile RRI policy making that incorporates through an inclusive perspective, societal agendas and challenges.
  • We need wide public engagement and cooperation which involve the entire spectrum of stakeholders as well as long-term scenarios and inclusive programming.
  • We should think about channels of communication, follow-up communication and follow-up synergies.
  • It is critical to initiate the appropriate capacity building activities and encourage the engagement of critical actors.
  • RRI strategies should go beyond the academic sphere, towards ‘borderless’ innovation policies.



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